crispy tofu & sweet potatoes

after a long run

the dog licks the icicles

from his legs and feet

source, 3 servings

5 sweet potatoes, wedged; 14 oz extra firm tofu, pressed & sliced; 2 T sesame oil+2 T tamari+2 T maple syrup+1 T rice vinegar; 1 T cornstarch, kosher salt & black pepper, 1 bunch scallions sliced lengthwise+1 T kosher salt+1 T sugar+2 T rice vinegar; toppings: cilantro, chili oil, roasted salted peanuts

toss tofu with cornstarch and half of sauce, arrange potatoes & tofu in single layer on oiled foil on baking sheets, sprinkle potatoes with salt & pepper; bake 400 F, 1 hour or until brown, turning once; top with rest of sauce, scallions, toppings

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