crispy tofu & plantain bowls

wrap the tofu in

paper towel and press it

with something heavy

previous version, 4 servings

1.5 c rice cooked in 1 c water, 1 can coconut milk, pinch salt, 1 t minced garlic; 2 lbs tofu, pressed, sliced; 1 plantain, sliced; cornstarch, salt, canola oil; glaze: zest & juice of 1 lime, 1/2 c maple syrup, 1 T tamari, 1 T corn starch, canola oil; toppings: mango, avocado, kimchi, cilantro, green onion, mango coconut pepper sauce

toss tofu & plantain in cornstarch & salt; heat oil to shimmering, fry until crispy; remove from pan, deglaze with glaze ingredients, adding oil if needed; divide glaze between tofu and mango; assemble with toppings

gingerbread breakfast cookies

bake 10 minutes for

chewy cookies or 15

for crunchy cookies

80 servings, 33 calories

1 can pumpkin, 1/3 c d’vash date nectar, 2 T cocoa, 2 T ground flax, 2 T olive oil, 1 T vanilla, 1 t powder, 1 t kosher salt, 6 packets stevia, pinch black pepper, 2 t ginger, 2 t cinnamon, 1 t nutmeg, 1 t cardamom, 2 c oat flour, 2 c white whole wheat flour, 1/2 c lilly’s stevia-sweetened chocolate chips

mix in stand mixer, roll out & cut on wax paper, bake on silpat, 350 F, 10 minutes

delicata squash with cider sauce

heat the butter and

herbs and add squash while slicing

to fry a little

source, 4 servings

4 delicata squash, seeded, sliced; 1 stick vegan butter, 4 sprigs rosemary, kosher salt & pepper, cider, balsamic reduction

heat butter, herbs & spices; add squash, cover with cider, cook until tender; remove squash, reduce liquid to make a sauce; return squash to pot; serve with balsamic

brussels sprouts & feta

slice the shallots and

let them pickle while the sprouts

are caramelizing


brussles sprouts, halved, roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper, 400 F until caramelized and charred in spots; shallots+cider vinegar+kosher salt+pepper+sugar; feta+minced garlic+pepper; toppings: olive oil, kosher salt, date syrup

place sprouts next to cheese; top with shallots, toppings

pumpkin bundt cake

toast the nuts in a

dry pan, then brown the butter

in the same hot pan


cake: 1 stick melted butter, 2 c brown sugar, 1/2 c olive oil, 2 eggs, 1/2 c sour cream, 1 can pumpkin 3 c flour, 1 t soda, 2 t powder, 1 1/4 t kosher salt, 2 t cinnamon, 2 t cardamom, 1/2 t allspice, 1/4 t pepper; glaze: 2 T brown butter, 1/4 c maple syrup, 1 c powdered sugar, pinch salt; topping: toasted nuts

cake: cream butter & sugar; beat in rest; bake in buttered pan, 350 F, 65 minutes or until knife comes out clean; cool & turn out; glaze: mix, adding hot water to thin as needed; glaze & sprinkle with nuts

lentil & eggplant stew

the soft mud under

the new snow shows itself on

the dog’s feet inside

source, 4 servings

2 eggplant, chopped, roasted with olive oil, kosher salt & pepper, coriander, 400 F until charred; 2 c mirepoix, olive oil, kosher salt & pepper, 1 T minced garlic, 2 T tomato paste, 1 c lentils, 1/2 c small pasta, 5 c broth, zest & juice of 1 lemon

cook mirepoix, oil, salt & pepper until soft; add garlic, tomato, cook 2 minutes; add lentils, broth, cook until lentils are done; add pasta, cook until done; add lemon; top with eggplant

pumpkin chocolate cake

first morning sun rays

reflected in the frozen

pond as glitter ice


cake: 1.5 sticks butter, melted; 1 1/4 c brown sugar, 1/2 c cocoa, pinch sea salt, 1/2 c pumpkin, 2 eggs, 3/4 c flour; frosting: 1 c cream, 4 T powdered sugar, 1/3 c pumpkin, 1 t vanilla; cinnamon for top

cake: whisk until smooth, bake in buttered pie dish, 325 F, 30 minutes or until top is firm, cool; frosting: whip cream, 1 T sugar; beat in remaining sugar, vanilla; stir in pumpkin until swirled; frost, sprinkle with cinnamon

candy cookies

gooey and cakey

with little bits of chopped up

candy all throughout

24 servings

1 c chopped candy, 1 c chocolate chips, 1 c elmhurst milked cashews, pinch sea salt, 1 stick earth balance vegan butter, soft; 2 namaste egg replacer eggs, 1/2 c brown sugar, 1/2 c sugar, 1 t soda, 1 T vanilla, 3 c flour

cream butter and sugars, beat in all but candy, chocolate; mix in rest; use silpat, 375 F, 11 minutes

enchiladas with pumpkin sauce

char the veggies in

the cast-iron pan and then

use it for baking

source, 6 servings

2 T olive oil, 2 onions & 1 pepper, sliced; 4 T minced garlic, kosher salt & pepper, cumin, chili powder, hot sauce, 1 can fire roasted tomatoes, 1/4 c sour cream, 2 c shredded cheese, 2 cans black beans, rinsed & drained; 1 c pumpkin, 8 6-inch flour tortillas, warm; cilantro

heat oil, spices, hot sauce, onion & pepper on stove until partly charred; puree half of charred veggies with tomatoes, pumpkin, sour cream; add beans, half of cheese to remaining veggies; pour half of sauce in oiled cast-iron pan; roll beans in tortillas and arrange in pan, add rest of sauce, cheese; 425 F, 10 minutes; broil; top with cilantro

raspberry cupcakes

raspberries straight from

the freezer will keep them

from turning too red

12 servings, 226 calories

1 stick earth balance vegan buttery sticks, 1/2 c sugar, 1/2 c brown sugar, 2 namaste egg replacer eggs, 1 T vanilla, 1 T powder, 1 t kosher salt, 2 c flour, 1/2 c elmhurst milked walnuts, 2 c frozen raspberries

cream butter, sugars, beat in all but berries, mix in berries; use silpat, 375 F, 25 minutes