smoky dijon vegan mac & cheese bites

people who don’t like

vegan cheese may not have tried

the quality brands

24 servings, 85 calories

1 lb whole wheat elbows, cooked; 1/3 c pasta water, 1/2 c follow your heart grated vegan parm, 4 slices chao smoked original vegan cheese slices, 1 T dijon, 1 c mooala unsweetened vanilla almond milk

heat all but pasta until thickening, add pasta; gently press into muffin-paper lined silpat muffin pans, sprinkle with more parm; 450 F, 20 minutes

pear sourdough breakfast loaf

mix on saturday

morning & chill until it’s

time to bake sunday

10 servings, 290 calories

1 c wheat chef, 1 c dried pears, 1/2 t sea salt, 1/2 c sugar, 3 eggs, 3 c white whole wheat flour, 1 c water

stir, rest 1 hour; fold 8x, chill 22 hours covered; rest 1 hour, place loose log in parchment-lined loaf pan, rest 4 hours; slash top, 400 F, 1 hour; rests: covered, room temperature

sourdough soft pretzels

tying fluorescent

tape to the chicken fence to

notify the plow

source, 6 servings, 260 calories

1 c wheat chef+3/4 c flour+6 T water; 1.5 c flour+1/3 c water; 1 t salt, 2 t soda, 2 T maple syrup, big salt

stir chef mixture, rest 12 hours, chill 12 hours covered; add flour mixture, form ball, rest 1 hour; fold in salt, rest 30 minutes; fold & rest 30 minutes 4 more times; form pretzels, rest on greased silpat-covered baking sheet 30 minutes; boil in 4 c water+soda+syrup 45 seconds/side, place on paper towels; place on greased silpat-covered baking sheet, paint with more syrup & big salt, rest while oven heats; 450 F, 30 minutes; folds: 4x with wet hands; rests: covered, room temperature

cocoa & flax granola

the rooster prefers

to sleep in a nest box with

his favorite hen

10 servings, 170 calories

3.5 c old fashioned oats, 1/2 c ground flax, 1 c cocoa, 2 t salt, 1 t soda, 1 T vanilla, 12 packets stevia, 1 c warm water

food processor; make paper-sized rectangle on parchment-lined baking sheet; 300 F, 40 minutes; break up