maple pinto beans & rice with spring herbs

small yellow globes of

flower buds will be covered

with snow tomorrow

4 servings

2 c wild rice, cooked with a pinch of sea salt; 1 lb pinto beans, soaked overnight in 2 inches water+1 t sea salt+pinch soda, simmered until tender; 1/4 c maple syrup, 1/4 c spring herbs

cook down beans and syrup, allowing a bottom crust to form; serve with rice, top with herbs

one pot pasta & sauce

on the equinox

white islands of ice and snow

shrink into the field

1 serving, 550 calories

1 c halved small tomatoes, 1 c pasta, 1/2 c frozen kale, 1/4 c balsamic, 2 c hot water, kosher salt & pepper, red pepper flakes, 1 T herbs, vegan parm

heat all but parm, cook until pasta is done, top with parm

balsamic beans on toast

the satisfaction

of a dish that requires

a fork, knife, & spoon

1 serving, 570 calories

2 slices toasted ezekiel bread, 1 can white beans, drained & rinsed; 1 c small tomato halves, 1/4 c balsamic, 1 T herbs, black pepper

microwave all but toast 4 minutes, stand while bread toasts, pour beans over toast, top with more herbs, flaky salt

blackened potato bowls

potatoes as black

as 6 am at the start

of daylight savings

3 servings

1/2 lb white beans, soaked overnight in 2 inches water, simmered until tender, drained, lightly salted; 6 oz spinach wilted with 1 T lemon juice & 1/2 t kosher salt; kimchi; potatoes: 4 sliced potatoes, 1 big sliced onion, 5 peeled cloves garlic, 2 T olive oil, 1/4 t sherry vinegar, 1 t rosemary, pinch kosher salt

fry potatoes, onion, garlic in oil, salt, rosemary until blackening; deglaze with vinegar, reduce heat, cook until tender; arrange beans, spinach, potatoes, kimchi in bowls

oat & jam bars

a fox digs for moles

same technique as the dog who

watches from inside

16 servings, 150 calories

2 T chia+1/4 c warm water, 1 can pumpkin, 1 t kosher salt, 1 T powder, 1 T vanilla, 3 c oats, 1 c white whole wheat flour, 1 c warm water, 8 packets stevia, 16 oz wegmans raspberry jammin

mix all but jam, put in 9×13 parchment-lined pan, top with jam, 350 F, 50 minutes