crispy tofu & coconut red curry

chickens and roosters

like some famous paintings make

more sense from afar

source, 4 servings

2 lbs extra firm tofu, pressed, cubed, dredged in cornstarch; 1 can coconut milk, pinch salt, 1 T red curry paste, olive oil, 1 T grated ginger, 2 sliced shallots, 2 smashed cloves garlic, 2 T cut up cilantro stems, 8 oz sliced mixed mushrooms, 1 c peas, 2 c cut up broccoli, zest & juice of 1 lime, 3 T maple syrup; toppings: cilantro, basil, sliced pickled jalapeños, kimchi, more curry paste; rice

heat oil, shallot, garlic, ginger, curry, salt, tofu; fry on one side until tofu is crispy, add mushrooms, fry other side; add milk, stems, syrup, lime, cook until thickening; add peas & broccoli, cook until done; serve with toppings & rice

beans & rice with crispy sweet potato & jammy tomato

only the dog is

aware of the moles & voles

running underfoot

source, 3 servings, 600 calories

3 c cooked black beans, 3 c cooked wild rice, 1 sliced sweet potato, 1.5 c grape tomatoes, 1 T stardust chile dipping powder, salsa verde, cilantro

arrange potato & tomatoes on separate halves of parchment-covered baking sheet, top with stardust, 425 F, until tomatoes are jammy & potatoes are crispy; top beans & rice with potato & tomatoes, salsa, cilantro

crispy tofu & snap peas

18 inches of

snow from monday night is gone

by friday morning

source, 4 servings

1 lb extra firm tofu, pressed, sliced, dredged in cornstarch; oil, s & p, 2 c snap peas, 2 T grated ginger, 2 smashed cloves garlic, 1 can coconut milk, 1 T tamari, 2 t molasses, 1/2 c toasted cashews, 1 T rice vinegar, 4 sliced scallions, 1/4 c mint+parsley, pinch red pepper flakes

fry tofu in oil, s & p, until crispy; add ginger & garlic, cook 1 minute; add milk, molasses, tamari, cook until thickened; add cashews & peas, cook 1 minute; add rest; serve over rice

tomato paella

cool september nights

make tomatoes fall off and

need to come inside

source, previous version, 4 servings

4 wedged tomatoes, 3 c hot water, s&p, olive oil, 1 sliced onion, 1 smashed clove garlic, tiny can tomato paste, pinch saffron, 1 T smoked paprika, 2 c rice, parsley

heat onion, garlic, s&p, spices, olive oil in oven-safe pan, cook 3 minutes; add tomato paste & rice, cook 1 minute; add water, arrange tomatoes on top, drizzle with more olive oil, s&p; 450 F, 15 minutes or until al dente; stand 5 minutes, brown bottom on stove, top with parsley

baked corn & leek risotto

leeks browned in butter

fresh corn with rice & fresh chives

corn & veggie stock

4 servings

2 corn cobs+1 t salt+pinch black pepper+2 c mirepoix+tops of 3 leeks+2 garlic cloves+6 c water; corn from 2 ears, 1 c rice, 1/2 c wine, 3 sliced leeks, 1 c vegan parm, 2 T cut up chives, s&p, 2 T vegan butter

low boil stock 30 minutes, covered; brown leeks, s&p, 1 T butter; add rice, cook 1 minute; add wine, cook 3 minutes; add corn & 4 c stock; 400 F, 30 minutes, add remaining stock after 20 minutes; stir in rest of butter, 3/4 c cheese, chives; top with 1/4 c cheese, broil, top with more chives

stuffed broccoli leaves

wilt the leaves in the

microwave and then cut out

the veins with scissors

6 rolls

12 broccoli leaves, wilted, center vein removed; 1 c rice+pinch salt+1 persian dried lime+1 T lemon juice+1 T olive oil+ 1/2 c golden raisins; sauce: 1/4 c balsamic vinegar+s&p+1 T spicy mustard+2 T maple syrup+1 T lemon juice+3 t olive oil

cook rice mixture with water, fill doubled leaves with rice, serve with sauce

grilled tostadas

toast the tortillas

on the grill while the veggies

are still blackening

rice source, veggies source; 4 servings

8 corn tortillas, 1 halved onion, 3 halved peppers; rice: 1 c rice, 1.5 c water, 1 T olive oil, 1 T vegan butter, 1 bunch cilantro, 1 jalapeño, 1 persian dried lime, juice of 1 lime, 2 T onion powder, 1 t kosher salt; beans: 1 lb black beans, 1 t soda, 1 t kosher salt, 1 persian dried lime, 1/4 c maple syrup, 3 T lime juice; cumin salt: juice & zest of 1 lime+1 t cumin+1 t kosher salt

rice: heat oil, butter, salt, cilantro stems, dried lime, onion powder, cook 1 minute, add rice, cook 1 minute; add water, simmer until done; add jalapeño, cilantro leaves, lime juice; beans: soak beans+salt+soda overnight in 2-inches water; add dried lime, cook down, add syrup, lime juice; veggies: grill until blackening on both sides, adding cumin salt on each side; serve rice on grilled tortillas, topped with beans, veggies