rice cooker cake

a smell memory:

summer days when it’s too hot

to use the oven

previous version, 10 servings, 214 calories unfrosted, 481 calories frosted

1.5 c flour, 1/2 c sugar, 1/4 c cocoa, 1 t soda, 1/2 t salt, 1/2 t cinnamon, 1/4 t powder, 1/2 t vanilla, 1/2 c canola oil, 1 T distilled vinegar, 1 c warm water, frosting: 8 oz earth balance buttery sticks, room temp; 1/2 c cocoa, 1 T vanilla, 2 c powdered sugar

mix, pour into oiled rice cooker bowl (even if nonstick), cook 45-60 minutes or until a knife comes out clean; one-button models: cycle back into cook mode after 5 minutes on warm mode, repeat

rice cooker beans and rice

open can — don’t drain

open freezer — don’t defrost

in cooker — don’t stir

4 servings, 360 calories

1 T olive oil, 1 T maple syrup, 1/4 c frozen diced onions, 1/4 c frozen pumpkin puree, 3 T sweet pickled jalapenos, cumin, smoked paprika, black pepper, 1 can goya black beans, 1 c wild rice, 1 c water

place in rice cooker in above order, cook

dutch baby

a legitimate

hobby: making things vegan

that usually aren’t

8 servings, 164 calories

1 T coconut oil, 2 c unsweetened cashew milk, 1/4 c chia + 3/4 c warm water, 1 t vanilla, 2 T sugar, 1 1/3 c flour, 1 c frozen berries

place oil in a 9-inch pan in a preheating 400 F oven, whisk remaining except berries, pour batter into pan, add berries, sprinkle with additional sugar, 50-60 minutes until edges are golden and pulling away from pan and a knife comes almost clean from middle

pumpkin lasagne

a can of pumpkin

can have winter squash, hubbard,

golden delicious

1 box oven-ready lasagne, 1 can pumpkin, 2 caramelized onions, 4 c greens, 1 c goat cheese, 1 c ricotta, 1 c mozzarella, herbs, 1 c sundried tomatoes

layer in an oiled 9×13 dish, 375 F, 45 minutes or until noodles are tender

caramelized onion bread

reduce heat and tent

with foil if the outside

is browning too fast

previous version

1 c warm water, 1 packet yeast, 1 t salt, 1 T sugar, 2.5 c flour, 1 c caramelized onions, 1 apple, cut up; 1 c blue cheese

combine water, yeast, salt, sugar, flour; knead 3 minutes; rise until doubled, form into a round and top with onions, apple, cheese; let rest while oven heats, 450 F, 25 minutes

berry clafoutis

made with one hand, with

hot cocoa in the other

in time for breakfast

source, 4 servings

1 1/4 c milk, 2/3 c sugar, 3 eggs, 1 T vanilla, pinch salt, 1 c flour, 2 c berries

whisk milk, 1/3 c sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt, flour; pour half into a buttered dish and bake at 350 F for 3 minutes, add berries, 1/3 c sugar, rest of batter; bake 50 minutes or until a knife comes out clean

craggy cocoa brownies

no chocolate chips or

melted blocks of chocolate, just

good cocoa powder

source, 12 servings, 189 calories

10 T miyoko’s cultured vegan butter, melted; 2 namaste egg replacer eggs, heaping 3/4 c cocoa, pinch salt, 1/2 t vanilla, 1 1/4 c sugar, 1/2 c flour

stir vigorously, bake on parchment in an 8-inch pan, 325 F, 50 minutes

chewy chocolate biscotti

when it’s two degrees

there’s two times the gratitude

for self-starting cars

20 servings, 85 calories

1.5 c unsweetened applesauce, 6 packets stevia, 1 t salt, 1 t powder, 2 namaste egg replacer eggs, 1/2 c cocoa, 1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 c freeze dried fruit, 3 c white whole wheat flour

knead until ball forms, make 2 logs on silpat, 350 F, 20 minutes, slice, bake 10 more minutes