boiling water,

a warm oven, everything

bagel seasoning

source, 12 servings, 170 calories

4 c flour, 2 packets yeast, 1.5 c warm water, 1 T sugar, 1 T salt, boiling bath: water + 2 t soda, brushing: melted vegan butter + maple syrup, toppings: raisins & cinnamon, rosemary & sea salt, everything bagel seasoning

combine water, yeast, sugar, stand 10 minutes; add flour, salt, knead 10 minutes; rise 1 hour; divide dough and knead in inside toppings; make 12 balls, poke a hole in middles, stretch out slightly; boil each side for 1 minute; place on silpat, paint with butter + syrup, sprinkle remaining toppings; 375 F, 30 minutes or until brown

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