chocolate soufflés

butter ramekins

with an upward motion to

ensure good rising

source, 10 servings

1 c sugar, 6 yolks, 10 whites, 1 c whole milk, 1 t coffee extract, 4 T flour, 4 T cocoa, 8 oz bittersweet chocolate, 2 t vanilla, 1 t kosher salt

butter & sugar ramekins; whisk & gently heat 3/4 c sugar, yolks, milk, coffee, flour, cocoa, chocolate, vanilla until smooth & slightly thickening; beat whites, salt, remaining sugar to stiff peaks; fold in rest; fill ramekins, place in 425 F oven, reduce heat to 375 F, 18 minutes

2 thoughts on “chocolate soufflés”

  1. I usually only eat half portions, but these were so good I finished one and went straight back for another ramekin.

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