blood orange cake

four shovels rest on

the picket fence outside the

door, all different shapes

previous version

1/2 c brown sugar, 3 eggs, 2/3 c sugar, 2 blood oranges, 1 stick butter, room temp; 2/3 c ricotta, 1/3 c cornmeal, 1 c almond flour, 1/2 t salt, 1/4 c apricot jam, 1 T grand marnier

line the bottom of a buttered pie dish with parchment, mix brown sugar, 1 T water, dollop on the parchment; cover with one layer of paper-thin orange slices, beat whites to stiff peaks, beat yolks, sugar, zest and juice of remaining oranges; beat in butter, mix in ricotta, cornmeal, flour, salt; fold in whites, pour into pie dish, 300 F, 40-60 minutes or until middle is just firm, cool, turn out; heat jam and combine with grand marnier, spread on top

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