gingerbread sandwich breakfast cookies

lemon, balsamic,

allspice: umami instead

of the molasses

previous version, 11 servings, 192 calories

3 c white whole wheat flour, 2 (4-oz size) containers gerber bananas, 6 packets stevia, 1/2 t soda, 1/2 t powder, 1 t salt, 1 T vanilla, 2 t ginger, 2 t cinnamon, 1 t cardamom, 1/2 t allspice, 2 t balsamic, 2 T ground flax, 1/2 c warm water, 1 T lemon juice; frosting: 1 T nut butter, melted; 6 packets stevia, pinch salt, 1 c cocoa, scant 1/2 c warm water

stand mixer until ball forms, roll out on silpat, cut 22 rounds with pastry cutter, bake on silpat, 350 F, 13 minutes; combine frosting ingredients; sandwich

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