pinto & preserved lime tostadas

when it’s too cold to

grill, the panini press can

crisp up tortillas

source, 6 servings, 500 calories

1 lb pintos+2 persian dried limes+2 dried chilis; 2 sliced shallots, 3 smashed cloves garlic, grilled tortillas; toppings: cilantro, kimchi, vegan cheese, salsa verde

soak bean mixture overnight in 2-inches water, simmer until tender; add shallots & garlic, mash & cook down; top tortillas with beans, toppings

sun butter small sourdough

a high speed blender

heats up the dough just enough

to speed up rising

1 c wheat chef, 2 T sun butter, 1/2 t sea salt, 1 1/4 c white whole wheat flour, 2 t chia seeds, 6 T water

blend; rest 3 hours, fold; rest 7 hours, fold; rest 12 hours, place loose ball in parchment-lined dutch oven, slash top; put in cold oven set to 465 F, covered, 30 minutes; uncovered, 10 minutes; on oven rack, 10 minutes; rests: covered, room temperature; folds: 8x

chocolate chip sun butter cookies

after making sun

butter add water to the

blender to make milk

26 servings, 160 calories

1/3 c soft sun butter, 3/4 c powdered sugar, 3/4 c brown sugar, 2 T namaste egg replacer, 2 T vanilla, 1 t kosher salt, 1 t soda, 2 1/4 c flour, 1/4 c sun milk, 1 c chocolate chips, 1/4 c mini chocolate chips

cream butter & sugars, beat in rest, use silpat, 350 F, 12 minutes