toast with simple hummus & baby greens pesto

when thinning onions,

carrots, & beets, bring the greens

inside for pesto

2 servings

4 pieces toasted ezikiel bread; hummus: 1.5 c cooked (not canned) chickpeas, 1 t kosher salt, juice & zest of 2 lemons, 1 c aquafaba, 2 t chipotle chili powder, 1/2 t black pepper; pesto: 3 c greens, zest & juice of 2 lemons, 1 shallot, 1 clove garlic, 1 t kosher salt, 1/4 c raw cashews, 2 T aquafaba

hummus & pesto: food processor, adding aquafaba as needed; serve on toast, top with tomatoes & balsamic reduction

baba ghanouj

use small eggplants to

maximize the ratio

of burned outer skin

4 small eggplants, halved, grilled until black on both sides; 1/2 c tahini, 1/4 c-1 c lemon juice, 1 t smoked paprika, pinch sea salt, 1 t minced garlic; garnishes: smoked paprika, lemon juice, parsley, olive oil

immersion blender, adding lemon as needed; top with garnishes

crispy tofu & spring rolls with tamarind sauce

one sauce for dipping

the spring rolls and for frying

the crispy tofu

4 servings

sauce: 14 oz tamarind concentrate+2 T maple syrup+1/4 c rice vinegar+2 T tamari; rice: 2 c rice cooked in 1 can coconut milk, 1 t kosher salt, 1 c water; tofu: 32 oz extra firm tofu, pressed, cubed; 2 T olive oil, 1/4 c cornstarch; rolls: lettuce & basil wrapped in 8 spring roll wrappers; toppings: avocado, mango, kimchi, lemon & lime wedges, cilantro

coat tofu in cornstarch, fry in oil until brown, deglaze with half of sauce, serve with toppings on rice; serve rolls with remaining sauce


rain dripping off the

roof lands in the cup of a

just-born daffodil


2 cans chickpeas, rinsed and drained; 10-16 oz tahini, 1/2 c lemon juice, 1 T sea salt, 1 T cumin, 1 t minced garlic

food processor: everything but chickpeas, 2 mins, drizzling in cold water until a ball barely suggests itself; add chickpeas, process 3 minutes