food cart style sourdough soft pretzels

baking the baking

soda is less meta than

it threatens to be

source, 10 servings, 275 calories

dough: 1 c wheat chef, 1/4 c brown sugar, 3 3/4 c flour, 1/2 stick room temperature vegan butter, 1 t sea salt, 1 1/4 c water; water bath: 4 c water+1/4 c brown sugar+3/4 c soda baked at 300 F on foil 1 hour; toppings: maple syrup, big salt

knead dough in stand mixer 8 minutes; chill, covered, 28 hours; roll out on oiled silpat, slice into strips, form pretzels; place on lightly-oiled silpat-covered baking stones, rest 1 hour; boil in water bath 20 seconds/side; return to stones, add toppings; 425 F, 20 minutes

vegan crispy parm tofu & broccoli

add the parmesan,

pepper & flour right on

the lined baking sheet

source, 2 servings, 500 calories

1 lb frozen cut up broccoli, thawed & squeezed dry; 2 lbs pressed & cubed extra firm tofu, 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c grated vegan parm, black pepper

arrange tofu & broccoli on lightly-oiled parchment-covered baking sheet, toss with rest, 450 F until browning, broil, top with kimchi, balsamic glaze & sriracha

maple & sea salt sourdough

arrowroot starch &

tapioca starch make for

an easier braid

10 servings, 150 calories

1 c wheat chef, 1/2 t sea salt, 2 T namaste egg replacer, 1 c water, 2 c white whole wheat flour; toppings: more sea salt, maple syrup, canola oil

stir, rest 1 hour; fold, rest 2 hours; fold, rest 10 hours; fold, rest 12 hours; form braid on lightly-oiled silpat-covered stone, add toppings, stand 3 hours uncovered; place in cold oven set to 400 F, 45 minutes; rests: covered, room temperature; folds: 8x

pecan & hazelnut truffles

freeze the filling for

10 minutes whenever it

gets hard to work with

8 servings

1 c pecans+1/2 c hazelnuts+1/2 c maple syrup+pinch sea salt+1/4 c sugar; 1 t cream of tartar+1/3 c flour; 10 oz melted semisweet chocolate

blend nut mixture, stir in flour mixture, make balls with floured hands on floured wax paper, dip in chocolate

mushroom & thyme beans & greens bowl

an oyster mushroom

sauteed with thyme until it

smells like last autumn

source, 1 serving, 350 calories

1 large quartered oyster mushroom+2 t dried thyme+pinch sea salt; 2 T lemon juice, 1 c cooked spinach, 1 c cooked alubia blanca beans

brown mushroom mixture in lightly greased pan, add lemon; serve over beans & spinach, top with sriracha & herbs